Northern Salvation

RELEASE DATE: September 27, 2022

He must rescue the man whose secrets could destroy his life.

Dr. Damian Hunter sold his soul to escape the icy grip of his hometown in Alaska. In the Lower 48, he built an empire as a TV veterinarian, leaving behind his life as the forgotten youngest son of the town drunk. He never planned to return to Anchorage, but when his estranged father’s plane disappears in the bush, he’s left with no choice. Now he’s wanted for murder.

She must find the woman whose disappearance haunts her mind.

Ruby Ootoova has dedicated her life to finding justice for the missing and murdered Indigenous women of Alaska. Along with her water search and rescue K9, Newt, she scours the lakes and rivers of the vast wilderness, hoping to bring one woman in particular home–her sister. The last thing she expects to find is the FBI’s most wanted man bleeding out on an iceberg.

They have to trust each other if they have any chance to survive.

Damian and Ruby have no interest in working together, but as the seasons shift and the ice breaks, they find themselves trapped by the floodwaters and ensnared by a passion that could break through all of their defenses. When a mutual enemy threatens their lives and the recovery of the people they love, they must learn to trust each other or risk never making it out of the bush alive.


Graphic, open-door sex scenes; Violence; Child neglect; Alcoholism; Human trafficking; Past sexual abuse/ trauma; Dogs in danger*


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Narrated by: Stephen Borne

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