Searching for Redemption

RELEASE DATE: October 17, 2023

Crazy. Dangerous. Monster.

Shane Trevisano knows what the town of Steam Valley, California thinks of him, and he’s happy being their bogeyman in the woods. After suffering horrific burns that left him disfigured, all the former SEAL wants is to be left alone in his remote cabin with his demons. But the outside world keeps encroaching, and when a woman shows up on his doorstep with two bullet holes, Shane’s already tenuous hold on sanity starts to slip.

In a town full of secrets, he’s the one they blame.

Alexis Summers wakes up in a strange cabin, held captive by a man who both terrifies and intrigues her, with only a vague memory of the killer who tried to end her life. As they navigate the dangerous dance between captor and captive, she realizes there’s more to Shane than meets the eye. Beneath the scars and gruff exterior, there’s a man in pain, a man who desperately needs help.

But redemption comes with a price.

The townspeople are convinced Shane is the notorious serial killer known as the Shadow Stalker, and they’re out for blood. Alexis refuses to believe he’s capable of the horrors she’s endured, but her instincts have steered her wrong in the past. Can she prove his innocence before the town enacts some backwoods justice? Or is she blinded by her growing attraction to the damaged, bad-tempered man?

If you want a sexy Beauty and the Beast retelling with a modern romantic suspense twist, you won’t want to miss Searching for Redemption, the thrilling fourth installment of the Redwood Coast Rescue series by Tonya Burrows!


Dogs in danger and potentially injured*


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