The Madness of Theo McCartan

RELEASE DATE: October 31, 2023

Theo McCartan is crazy, but at least he knows it now. After years of fighting against his own mind, he’s settled into a life of solitude, making a quiet living by painting the tortured images in his head.

When Detective Mallory Morgan shows up at his door asking for help to find the killer Theo thought was only a figment of his insanity, he’s reluctant to help. After all, he’s “cured.” He has peace for the first time in his life. Indulging in her conspiracy theories is nothing but a one-way ticket back into a straight jacket.

Then the killer strikes close to home.

As Theo and Malloy dig into the case and uncover forgotten truths about his past, he realizes the line between sanity and madness is more blurred than he thought.

Is anything real?

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