Meet the Hero: Jean-Luc Cavalier

The hero of Reckless Honor is none other than the wise-cracking, fun-loving Cajun, Jean-Luc Cavalier!

Jean-Luc is my favorite of the HORNET guys. He’s not tortured like Seth, or particularly driven like Gabe and Quinn, or a bad boy like Ian. He’s an unapologetic flirt with a flair for drama. And, being a linguist, he knows how to dirty talk in multiple languages! He was just plain fun to write.

First Book Appearance: Seal of Honor
His Book: Reckless Honor
Age: 34
Birthday: August 15
Build: 6’4”, 197 lbs.
Hair: Blond, straight, shoulder-length. He usually wears it pulled back.
Eyes: Blue
Tattoos: None. He hates needles.
Nickname(s): J.L., Ragin’ Cajun
Sexual Orientation: Considers himself straight, but he’s been known to dabble
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Family: He’s the oldest of four children. Two sisters, Marielle and Roseline, and a brother, Etienne. They all have different fathers. The siblings were raised by their maternal grandmother, Edmee, and Jean-Luc was very close to her.
An old gator that hangs out near his cabin in the bayou he calls Grand Bedee (Cajun for a big, clumsy man.)
Career before HORNET:
CIA linguist. He’s fluent in 15 languages and counting.
Always wanted to be: King of Carnival. Seriously.
Favorite Music: Anything lively
Hobbies: Drinking, singing karaoke as badly as possible.
Random Fact: Although he’s very good with language and can mimic any accent or intonation, he still speaks with his native Cajun accent. It comes out more when he’s drunk.