Meet the Hero: Jesse Warrick


Jesse Warrick

Birthday: December 21

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown, long. He wears it pulled back in a tail under his ever-present cowboy hat.

Nickname: “Sawbones” or sometimes just “Bones”

Hometown: Jackson, WY

Position in HORNET: Medic

Career Before HORNET: Delta Force medic

Favorite Place to hang out: A small lake near his ranch

Random Fact: Jesse married his high school sweetheart, Lacy, at age 18 and they had a son, Connor. They divorced after a turbulent 7 years. Connor is now 15 and has a chip on his shoulder as big as Wyoming.

Best Line(s): Didn’t they realize he was barely holding his shit together? His son hated him, the only woman he wanted was the one he wasn’t going to touch with a ten-foot pole, and he didn’t even know if he was still capable of serving as the team’s medic. With his recent case of the yips, he doubted he’d be able to bandage a paper cut without breaking out into a cold sweat.
And they wanted him to take command?

First Appearance: Seal of Honor

His Book: Code of Honor

Raised on a Wyoming ranch, Jesse has a strict moral code and a strong work ethic. While he apologetically breaks some rules, he won’t do anything that goes against his principles. A gentleman who is comfortable with himself and mostly easy to get along with, he makes friends effortlessly, but he uses his good ol’ boy charm as a mask and very few people see the real Jesse Warrick. He is a chameleon, adept at changing to new circumstances. When he falls in love (and that happens a lot), he falls hard and fast—and usually falls out of love just as fast as soon as a new mission comes along.