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Northern Salvation is Live… ish.

So… I accidentally uploaded a test file rather than the actual finished manuscript for Northern Salvation.  If you preordered, you only got a partial, unfinished manuscript. I’ve already uploaded the correct file and it’s now live. I asked Amazon to push it out to everyone, but don’t know if they will/ how long that will take. If you don’t want to wait, you can go into your Kindle now and manually update it. 

You can check to see if you have the right version by looking for the quote by Robert W. Service at the beginning of the book. If you have the quote, you’re good. If not, you need to update.

The updates are now live, so anyone who buys or borrows it from KU now should get the right book.

I’m so sorry! I don’t know how I mixed up the files, and feel like such a dummy right now.

UPDATE: I just finished a chat with Amazon, and they are pushing out the correct version of the book to everyone who preordered. Remember, if you have the quote by Robert W. Service at the beginning, you have the correct one. Please let email me at tonya@tonyaburrows.com if yours doesn’t update, and I’ll send you the correct book.