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SEAL OF HONOR now available in audiobook!

The SEAL OF HONOR audiobook finally released this week on Audible and I’m hearing it for the first time. The narrator, Stephen Borne, has done an excellent job and this book… man. I laughed out loud at Jean-Luc’s introduction and can’t stop smiling. It’s thrilling to hear the guys come to life.

I wrote SEAL OF HONOR while in grad school in 2011. It was (and still is) the easiest book I’ve even written. Gabe Bristow is the only character to ever come to me fully formed and demand I write his story. I forgot how much I actually love this book. And, honestly, for a while there, I forgot how much I love the series.

Somewhere between 2011 and now, I not only forgot my love for this series but I even grew to… well, not hate it. That’s too strong a word. But maybe dread? I’ve dreaded having to write another HORNET book, which is why I’ve been struggling with Ian’s book for the better part of this year. This audiobook couldn’t have come at a better time. I needed the reminder that I love this series and the HumInt world. Most of all, I still love all of my flawed, broken characters despite how stubborn and uncooperative they can be. Ian’s not as easy as Gabe, but I love him just as much and he deserves his story, too. Now I just need my wrist to heal so I can get back to work!

Here’s hoping the rest of the series makes it to audio!

SEAL OF HONOR is an Audible exclusive. You can find it here.

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