Update on Northern Deception: I screwed up. I’m sorry.

I screwed up. I’m sorry.

You may have noticed an email recently from Amazon stating that all preorders have been canceled for Northern Deception. It was a hard decision, but I couldn’t in good conscience release the book. Life’s been getting in the way the last few months, biting into my writing time, and Northern Deception is still nowhere near the quality of book I normally release. I’m not comfortable putting it out there yet.

My plan is to still release it this month, but it will be closer to the end of the month. I completely misjudged the amount of time I needed to polish it to my satisfaction.

I know you guys have been patiently waiting for the next book and I’m so sorry to have let you down. Self-publishing is a whole different beast than releasing with my publisher, and I’m still figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I slipped up this time. I’ll do better next time. Thank you for bearing with me!


P.S. Northern Salvation is still on track to release on time in August. For whatever reason, it hasn’t been giving me the same trouble as Northern Deception.


  1. I would rather read a finished product that is edited and ready for the market than worry about the release date.

  2. When will Xander’s story be told? I saw the Hornet series was done, but the end of book 6 made it seem like a story for Xander was coming, so I was just curious about that. Love your books!

  3. It is August and there is still no update on Northern Deception Book 2 in the series and the release of Book 3 is due to be released this month, I would like to read the 2nd book before the 3rd.

  4. No apologies needed. Still look forward to the story when it is finished. Sometimes walking away from a problem for a short time allows a person to come back with fresh perspectives.

  5. Hi, you take all the time you need! I would love an alert when you are done. I would hate to miss the finished product.

  6. Takes guts to say “I’m not satisfied “. Good for you. Eagerly awaiting Northern Deception….whenever it’s ready..d

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