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Hi, all. I’ve been getting some questions about my next release(s), so I wanted to pop in and let you know what’s going on.

Last week, in my infinite clumsiness, I slipped in the driveway while taking out the trash and broke my wrist. I’m having surgery tomorrow, so all of my writing has been put on hold for at least the rest of November. I’m hopeful that surgery will go well and I can get back to work by the beginning of next month.

As of right now, I’m still planning to release the first book in my self-published trilogy, Northern Escape, in February. You should see the preorder go up mid-December. If that needs to change, I’ll post another update here.

Audible keeps pushing back the release for Seal of Honor’s audiobook. I have no control over if/when they release it and I’m just as annoyed by it as you are!

Edge of Honor, unfortunately, has been a bear of a book to write and is still in progress. (Ian’s being stubborn. Is anyone surprised?) If all goes to plan, I’m aiming to have it finished by early January.

Thanks so much for your patience while I deal with this mishap!